Bored? Here are 11 Things You Can Do While You Wait Out COVID 19!

If you’re a homebody and introvert like me, self-isolation and quarantine will be fairly easy during this crisis. However, a few people have indicated some anxiety around staying busy enough at home in the coming weeks, possibly months. I honestly can’t relate as I love my quiet solitude and have no problem whatsoever finding things to keep me occupied, even if that’s just chillin’ on my porch swing listening to the birds sing!  Obviously everyone is not like this, and perhaps this list will seem lame, but maybe there’ll be something novel in here that you may like to try! If nothing else, perhaps it will inspire you to write and post your own list of things to do for the extroverts in your camp! So please leave helpful comments and tips to our readers! 


1.  Get Control Of That Nagging Work Issue. 

So, obviously, some of you may still be working from home during this crisis, and would rather be laying on the couch under a comfy blanket watching your favorite Netflix series! But if you’re regular duties have been cut back, you may have some time to tackle that nagging issue that’s been playing around in the background. This would be a great time to do what you need to do to finally get to it and deal with it! Maybe you need to work on that next team building event, or you need to put in a proposal to update the computer system. Perhaps it was time to plan a major trip away from the work grind! Whatever it is, if you have nothing urgent to do, this would be a good time to get down to it! 

2. Take Up A New Hobby 

Remember that dream you had to write a book, knit the world’s longest scarf, or learn how to play the Accordion? Now would be a good time to hop on the net and pick up some FREE instructions. But get to the music store for that accordion quick, before they sell out! And remember, with the impending economy crash and job losses, this hobby may just serve as a viable alternative to make a little extra cash.

3. Video Chat 

It’s 2020 people! Being alone staring at a wall with nothing to do but read or play board games or cards in your dingy apartment without a soul to talk to is a thing of the past! We are fully connected globally, and sure it’s not quite the same, but it’s infinitely better than waiting for a telegram for three months from that distant aunt who lives in Germany! This is truly something we take for granted nowadays, so no need to get down! Celebrate technology with your favorite beverage of choice, and if you don’t know how to download Whatsapp or Skype to your phone, tablet or laptop, well now’s a great opportunity to learn how to do that too!! 

4. Go For A Walk 

Until we are strictly quarantined to our homes (if we ever get to that), we can still drive to that beautiful park down the road (walk or bike,) and percolate in the fresh air and sunshine. And speaking of which, with the death of traffic and polluting factories, you may see clean, clear water and air for the first time in your life! Take advantage of this and take the time to ponder on this novel phenomena and perhaps rethink the way that we live as individuals and as a society, and how our actions do truly impact our own lives and the fragile earth we claim to love so much! Let's learn from this!

5. Reach Out To Others 

This one seems like a no-brainer, but it is huge in a time like this. My daughter and I went through a very traumatizing event several years ago and we struggled virtually alone. I shouldn’t have to tell you how much more damaging that was to our situation and the length of time it took us to get back on our feet. While we did get strong and develop a tough skin, it didn’t have to be this way. People don’t always do this to others purposefully, they are most likely busy and focused on their own lives, but nonetheless, if there’s one thing we need more of in this society, with the crippling rates of depression and loneliness due to isolation and the net, it is a greater sense of community. So don’t be a stranger. Reach out to the neighbors and those friends you’ve been neglecting. They need you too, especially at a time like this. Like suggested above, video chat, call or write (yes, we can still send cards and letters via mail)! Remember: We are stronger together. 

6. Get A Pet 

Pets are a priceless addition to a person's or family’s life. They are selfless for the most part, they take our focus off of ourselves and our own issues, and they provide a wealth of entertainment and emotional and physical affection that sometimes even surpasses that of our human counterparts! If you are able to commit to one for the long haul (some pets only live 2 years!) then it may be the perfect time to jump in, especially at a time like this when businesses like pet shelters will also be suffering to stay afloat. You’ll be helping the shelters, saving and enhancing animal's lives, and enhancing your own. It’s a win, win, win! 

7. Try Video Gaming 

Now I will admit that I just can’t get into video games myself yet, but overwhelming research shows that video games improve depression and even memory and overall brain function. If this isn’t reason enough to dive in with the high rates of Alzheimers and Dementia related illnesses that plague our elders, then I don’t know what is! And you don’t have to choose from the violent games. There are so many fun ones like Minecraft. Find more HERE. If you need help, get those millennial grandkids down! They’ll be more than happy to help and there are probably more than a few Game Cubes and Wii’s collecting dust in their closets that they can lend out! 

8. Spring Clean 

Yes, you heard right! It is that time of year actually, so why not get clean and organized and prepare for that garage sale you always wanted to have?  At one time I was admittedly a bit of a clean freak, but since I lowered my standards, I was a bit shocked to find 3 inches of oily dust and cobwebs on top of my cabinets after just a year! My mother (bless her soul) used to stage spring cleaning twice a year where we’d pull all the china and cooking supplies out of the cupboards and wash everything down. I can’t say I do that anymore, but it can’t hurt right? My oven looks pretty dismal in there I must admit! We don’t have to be all OCD, but this can be fun and quite satisfying! And do get those kids off their keisters and involved! 

9. Get In The Kitchen 

The modern woman may utterly shudder at this statement, but hey, some of us have actually forgotten how to cook! So get creative and stir up some new recipes from around the world! Or get back to your roots and learn the old ones that stir up fantastic memories from Grandma’s kitchen! Recently we found a wealth of original recipes and videos of Czech recipes that we often reminisce about. A lot of them were passed down and there were a million variations, so we had to experiment, which made it all the more fun! So you too can create your own custom recipes and then share your stories with your family around supper. The kids may learn something new about their heritage while you re-awaken some long lost memories from childhood. 

10. Do Your Taxes 

Now’s the time to hit the dreaded taxes and if you like to be a procrastinator you have zero excuses! While you get your stuff together, perhaps you’ve never done them yourself, so this could be the year you challenge yourself to! And don’t forget to check your tax account online to see if there are any unclaimed cheques to cash out. You just never know! But please be forewarned in the event that you find any bills owing!

11. Start A Garden

Some of you get a head start on gardening annually. Others of us either wait for the greenhouses to open, or don't garden at all. But this is the perfect year to try gardening from scratch if you've always wanted to try but never had time.  So if time is on your side (as it is on the Canadian prairies here), do your research and get out there to the hardware stores and dive in. There's nothing that can cheer a person up better than tending to seedlings and anticipating the colorful bouquet of flowers forthcoming! 

So there you have it, eleven things to do! Life will go on fairly normally for us here I think as we continue working on our recording and writing projects! And if all else fails, I plan on drumming up some new paintings!

To everyone out there, please stay safe, share the love and stay strong. We can get though this together. For those of you falling ill or losing loved ones to critical illness, we send our thoughts, much love and strength.

Love & Peace Be With You All,



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