Be A Host!

If you (or someone you know) would like to host a private house concert or special or corporate event, OUTDOOR CONCERTS are great too, please refer to the guidelines and requirements below: We book year round. If you have the space, we can accommodate!  

1. Minimum of 20 Pre-Paid Guests (We suggest donations of $20).

2. Minimum of 8' D X 12' W space to accommodate 3 to 4 band members and equipment. If you are unsure just send us your dimensions and we'll see if it will work!  let us know what vibe you are going for: Ambient and laid back or Loud and energetic!

3. Ample Seating to accommodate 20+ Guests: Some combination of furniture, chairs, stools and cushions!  You can ask your guests to bring their own too.

4. Tea, Coffee, Water, Paper Cups and Napkins (and/or Plates)!  *BYOB at the hosts discretion.

For a more extensive list of things to consider like zoning laws for your area, email us! 

In the spirit of community, we encourage our hosts to feel free to either provide or encourage guests to bring snacks, desserts, beverages and/or main course items. Music is always served best with good company and food!